Bill Dawson, Metalsmith


New Brooch

Having sold the disc brooch that I wore for over ten years, I decided to make a replacement.  This one is a bit larger, at 95 mm diameter, with many small silver bosses.  In the cut out areas I have carved stylized dogs chasing rabbits.  The central rosette, the four trefoil motifs, and the laurel leaves are 24K gold inlay.


New Book and Video

I recently received my copy of Unlocking the Secrets of the Ribbon Torc and the companion video.  They are even better than I had hoped.  I have posted a review on my book review page, in the section of this site for metalsmiths. Brian Clarke has been working on recreating the techniques involved in making Iron Age ribbon torcs for over ten years, and it shows.   You can order both the book and video on line at:  I learned to make ribbon torcs from Brian and it is a truly amazing process that you must see to believe.  If you are in North America, be sure to order the video in North American format, not PAL format.

Spanish Civil War Relic

Not long ago I was working with a student from The Evergreen State College, helping him get the metalworking skills for his study contract.  I’m really proud of how hard he worked, even with all the other demands of school and work.  One of his projects was a copper and glass reliquary that holds an old nail.  Not one of the alleged nails of the true cross, this one is from the ruins of a bombed out church, that was destroyed by the fascists in the Spanish Civil War.  I don’t know much about the place it came from, but among the other bits of metal from the ruins was a clue as to why the church may have been a target.  There were two “E” shaped pieces of rusted sheet metal, which I recognized as transformer plates, of the sort that was used in old radio sets.



Silver Chased Coronet

This silver circlet, is chased with a design of stylized vines and leaves, and set with glass beads provided by the customer.  To do the work I had to make a jig for the pitch in which the silver gets set, and a new set of texture punches.  You can see both on the bench in the picture below.  I would like to thank Jim for ordering this project, and Brian for letting me copy so many of his antique punch tools.

 chasing 1



As you can see I am rebuilding my web site in a new format.  This should allow me to update my pages and change the site as need be.  It will also allow me to post more detailed pictures of my work, and keep everyone informed about shows and workshops, and other events that I will be a part of.  The site is still very much under construction, but please feel free to explore, and to come back in the future to see what new things I post in the coming weeks and months.