Bill Dawson, Metalsmith

OCF Coins

Though the Oregon Country Fair will be a virtual event this year, I have again struck peach coins for 2021.  I look forward to offering these in person when the Fair again returns to its wonderful physical location.  In honor of the Fair in the Clouds this year’s coin has a styalized cloud design.  The2020 coin has a calling raven, and 2019 design has a trillium, while the 2018 features a camas blossom, and the 2017 a cedar waxwing feather.  All of them have the OCF peach on the front.  In honor of the 50th fair I struck a handful of the 50 year coins in gold, and gave them a rope pattern edge.  If you wanted to get any of these at the fair, but didn’t manage to do so, I have some of each years’ coins remaining for sale, including seven of the gold strikes.  I’m selling them for $5 each for the silver and for $250 each for the gold.  I look forward to seeing folks at events in the coming months.


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In adittion to the peach coins I am also offering  silver pendants with inlayed gold peach designs, and peach annular brooches in copper brass and silver.



Spindle Whorls


Recently I had the opportunity to take a class on Japanese patina  techniques.  I didn’t want to just make little swatches of colored metal, because I wanted to learn how to get good results on real metalwork with various textures, shapes and combinations of alloys.  I decided on making whorls for drop spindles, as they are small, functional, and can be made in more or less any combination of metals.  This whorl is an alloy of 5% silver and 95% copper, and inlayed with little silver raised dots.  On the other side I have inlayed a gold beetle.  I have posted images of all the spindles I made for the class on the metalwork page, in the Contemporary Work section of this site.  (See menu above)


New Brooch

Having sold the disc brooch that I wore for over ten years, I decided to make a replacement.  This one is a bit larger, at 95 mm diameter, with many small silver bosses.  In the cut out areas I have carved stylized dogs chasing rabbits.  The central rosette, the four trefoil motifs, and the laurel leaves are 24K gold inlay.


Silver Chased Coronet

This silver circlet, is chased with a design of stylized vines and leaves, and set with glass beads provided by the customer.  To do the work I had to make a jig for the pitch in which the silver gets set, and a new set of texture punches.  You can see both on the bench in the picture below.  I would like to thank Jim for ordering this project, and Brian for letting me copy so many of his antique punch tools.

 chasing 1



As you can see I am rebuilding my web site in a new format.  This should allow me to update my pages and change the site as need be.  It will also allow me to post more detailed pictures of my work, and keep everyone informed about shows and workshops, and other events that I will be a part of.  The site is still very much under construction, but please feel free to explore, and to come back in the future to see what new things I post in the coming weeks and months.