Self-love Beads – Sterling Silver

I’m not so much interested in whether a piece of art is representational or metaphorical, realistic or abstracted; rather I look for an underlying creative honesty. So much of art today is contrived and self-conscious, almost self absorbed, to the point that it seems only to seek reaction rather than to create expression. It is this honesty of expression that I try to make the foundation of all my efforts: in my artwork, in my outlook, in my life. I try to force neither my subject, nor my materials, and I think that I speak most truly when I let my work do the talking.

The amusing abstracted beads above are hollow cast of sterling silver and are roughly 20mm wide. If you wish to purchase any of these, please be sure to let me know whether you want male or female when ordering.

Erotic Pearl Jewelry

Like most artists the bulk of my work is not of an erotic nature, but like most artists a portion of it is. I think that all the other artwork that I create would suffer were it not for that erotic fraction. As for this series of pearl pieces, well sometimes the materials tell you what they want to be, and pearls are always sexy.abds

Abdomen Male ,and Abdomen Female
Sterling Silver With Pearls
50 x 48 mm, and 65 x 75 mm.

These were the first of the Erotic pearl pieces I made, after  finding the unusually shaped pearls.  Both are pendants.


Strapon Pin
Sterling Silver and Pearl – 38 x 50 mm

I get more second looks on this one than on any of the others. Some people comment on how feminine the body looks, without even seeing the straps.


Vulva, and Left Side
Sterling Silver and Pearls
34 x 40 mm, and 32 x 36 mm

Once I began to look for unusual pearls I found them often.  The wet looking luster on these pearls is so  striking that I designed the settings to be small and simple so as not to distract from the pearls.

1echOne of Each
Sterling Silver and Pearl 54 x 38 mm

The amusing thing about this pin is that it is all one pearl. The penis, and the strap-on are simply the opposite ends of one very long pearl.


Sterling Silver and Pearl – 42 x 34 mm

The pearl in this pin has the nicest three dimensional form of all of them. The inner labia are just beautiful, and it even has a little naturally occurring hole through it and in just the right spot.  On this one I tried to make the profile of the setting harmonize with the form of the pearl.


Sterling Silver and Pearl – 55 x 55 mm

This pendant is the most complex work in this series so far, and the only of these to include two pearls. I fretted for a long time over the issue of how to attach the hand shaped pearl, before it dawned on me that a towel motif would be the ideal solution. It solves the problem and contributes a great deal to the composition.


Butt Pins
Sterling Silver and Pearls
48 x 55 mm, and 44 x 44 mm

The veining on these pearls made them a challenge to set, so I opted to have them peeking out from behind the silver.

Details of Construction


Butt Pin, and Towel

For the findings on back of the Butt Pin, a spring tensioned double pin arrangement gives an extra secure fastening. The rivet that holds the pearl in place can be seen at left.   On the back side of Towel, you can see the layers of metal, the hammer formed bail, and the rivets that hold the hand shaped pearl in place. The cutout reveals a bit of the back of the vulva shaped pearl.



 Bedside Boxes – Hardwood, Enamel and Sterling Silver

These hand made hardwood boxes are decorated with erotic scenes done in cloisonne enamel on copper, in silver settings. They come filled with lube packets and latex items.  The box on the upper left measures 120 x 140 mm, while the others are 90 mm square.



Number VI, The Lovers – Marble

Some time back I had the insane idea that I should make relief carvings of the Major Archana in marble. When I considered the cost of the stone, and the years of work I put the idea aside. When a friend gave me a slab of fine graned marble I decided to try doing one card, no. VI – The Lovers. The carving is fairly shallow, but the texture of the stone works beautifully with the subject. Unframed it is 17″x22″x1.5″, and weighs around fifty pounds.

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