For the Renaissance Re-enactor

Throughout Europe in the renaissance personal jewelry became more elaborate.  Those who could afford it hired the best craftsmen to create fanciful ornaments and household items.  New styles flourished, borrowing from both the ancient world, and the Far East.


 Russian Hinged Cuffs
Sterling Silver

These silver sleeve cuffs hinge open, and are fixed with a pin on the end of a loop-in-loop chain.  They were a custom order, and feature lots of decorative wire andengraving.


Filigree Brooch
Sterling Silver and Carved Rock Crystal

In Scotland the wearing of the tartans became emblematic of national pride, and large brooches held up all that plaid.  This one is over 100mm across, and is set with a beautifully carved, smokey colored rock crystal.


18K Gold and Pearl, set with Emerald and Garnet

In Southern Europe unusually shaped pearls were fashioned into fanciful jewels.  This Triton is small, but uses its pearl to great effect.


22K Gold, Tahitian Black Pearl, and Carved Emeralds

The sad story of this piece is that it was purchased as a gift, and greatly loved by the recipient, and later stolen, along with her clothing and other jewelry.  If anyone sees this jewel, please contact both me and the local authorities.  I would very much like to see this returned to its owner.

If you have questions about any of my work, or want to see more detailed images of any of the things you see here do not hesitate to contact me.

Bill Dawson
2103 Harrison Ave. NW  Ste. 2.
P.M.B. #341 Olympia, WA 98502

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